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Prestigious speakers, a global theme and the major trends in the luxury industry: all part of each edition of the Forum de la Haute Horlogerie.

2017 Edition

The Age of Meaning

We all seek purpose in our lives, yet in this “bigger, better, faster” world, what meaning do we give to things beyond simply their economic value? Beyond utility, what deeper experience, both individual and collective, can they provide? How can we enhance the lives and the world around us? These are important questions that run across topics of creativity, community, craftsmanship, art, adventure, business and sustainability. The ultimate question being: how does our brain create meaning?

Speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their insight at the 9th FHH Forum which, as always, has promised to be a unique opportunity to consider and discuss the forces that are shaping our present and reshaping our future.

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2016 Edition

Age of transitions

We belong to an age of profound economic and social transformation. We are rethinking how we want to live, what it means to be a part of this planet, and the role consumption plays in our lives. Economic players cannot remain on the sidelines; they have no choice but to adapt. First, though, we need to know what we are dealing with and how to get to grips with this changing environment. Which is precisely what the eighth Forum de la Haute Horlogerie proposes: an analysis of prevailing trends. The day of the Forum is also the day results of the US presidential election are announced, and the Forum cannot overlook the consequences this election is likely to have for the world as a whole.

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2015 Edition

Future in progress

New technologies abound; meanwhile, the socio-economic fabric is unravelling as the euro weakens, the Chinese economy loses pace, and the flow of migrants continues: we live in an age of change, compounded by the short-sighted view of too many companies and governments, and ineffective governance. How can we see into the future in such times of radical change? The seventh Forum de la Haute Horlogerie examines the economic and cultural crosswinds of a future in progress.

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2014 Edition

What’s next: generations, technologies, markets

A new environment is taking shape, not without influence on products, markets and business. The new generation views luxury in a different light. Their life is radically different to the years B.D. (before digital) in terms of identity, imagination, human relations and consumer behaviour. New technologies such as smartwatches and other wearables are set to make a huge impact on fashion and luxury. Numerous questions ensue. Are these passing fads or here to stay? What economic context will prevail in the future? How will the big names in luxury remain desirable when society won’t stand still? These and many other topical issues are at the heart of debate at the sixth Forum de la Haute Horlogerie whose theme is “what’s next”.

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2013 Edition

A world of paradoxes

A profoundly changing, globalised world now sets the framework for the watch industry. Emerging economies are the forces driving growth, yet social inequalities are as entrenched as ever. Internet puts knowledge at our fingertips, yet behind it lurks rampant cybercrime. Globalisation, hailed as the only way forward, exacerbates nationalist reflexes. What, then, are the true values in an environment where what you see isn’t always what you get? The Forum puts the accent on the paradigms that are changing the contours of the global luxury map. It offers a new perspective on the ruling forces in this world of paradoxes.

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2012 Edition

Time to share

Sharing resources, ideas and values is at the heart of the Forum. In a world where luxury has become a fluctuating notion, shifting with cultures and trends, Fine Watchmaking is well-advised to examine its foundations of creation and innovation. The theme of this Forum – time to share – confirms the need for a cognitive pause, a “break in transmission”. It must engage our attention, challenge our convictions, even cast doubt in our minds if it is to help us move this common project forward: to preserve cohesion and fulfil the expectations of tomorrow’s consumers.

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2011 Edition

Time to act

The geopolitical context is increasingly uncertain, a situation made more complex by calls for responsible, sustainable consumption. E-commerce is reinventing the rules of luxury. Transversal issues have global implications. Where does this leave Fine Watchmaking? Now that the world has become its marketplace, it is faced with a reality it can no longer disregard. It must explore new avenues, test novel ideas, take the first steps towards a solution. now’s the time to act!

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2010 Edition

Time to rethink

The tide is turning. After several flamboyant years, Fine Watchmaking is entering a period of uncertainty. The fall in exports observed at end 2008 continued throughout 2009, with shipments tailing off by around 24%. This short, sharp shock took the industry by surprise and raises a certain number of questions that warrant reflection. Hence the theme of this Forum: time to rethink. The crisis burned itself deeper than we like to believe. Bigger, bolder, crazier… a certain model has been shaken to the core.

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2008 Edition

The changing business of time

The Forum de la Haute Horlogerie made its debut at the prestigious venue of the World Economic Forum. Signs that the economy was slowing down were starting to be felt, leaving the prevailing sentiment that this was, in some way, the end of a miraculous cycle of growth. The period marked the beginning of a new era – “the changing business of time” – defined by uncertainty. What impact can these economic changes, and on another level changes within society as e-commerce picks up speed, have on the watch industry? Many possible answers to this question are provided by the speakers in Davos.

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The Forum de la Haute Horlogerie is a chance to meet people from all horizons, to take part in discussions and debates, and reflect on some of the important topics of today. Most of all, it’s an opportunity to hear prestigious personalities give their perspective on a chosen theme. Watch some of the best keynote speeches on video.

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